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Child Custody Lawyer Philadelphia

A Comprehensive Guide to Child Custody Procedure

Every child is precious to his/her parents. Hence, in case of separation/divorce child custody issues should not be taken casually. The custody agreements should be well negotiated in the company of child custody attorneys and legal approval by the courts. Once the agreement is approved by the court, issues relating to visitation/custody changes and child custody agreements enforcement need to be handled with your lawyer’s assistance. Reputed Child Custody Lawyer Philadelphia also works with a third party other than parents such as grandparents who seek custody of the child.

Procedure for custody action-

  • Filling Complaint

The initial step for a custody action is the filing of a Complaint. This can be done either by filing a complaint for custody or adding a Count for Custody in the divorce suit. You may also seek help of a reliable Philadelphia Child Custody Lawyer for this.

  • Paying The Fees For Custody Complaint

After filling the Custody Complaint, you will need to pay a fee at the Administrative Office for initiating the proceedings of the court. A Child Custody Lawyer Philadelphia could guide you better about paying the fee payable and everything the needs to be done for imitating the procedure.

  • Attending The Sessions

It’s recommended to have a reputed attorney like Robert Bond for representing yourself in the proceedings and other procedures involved in the custody action. All the parties involved in the case are required to attend the court sessions. Attendance record of all parties involved in the action is maintained at the Child Custody Services Office. A Philadelphia Child Custody Lawyer will help you in dealing with all the legal procedures of child custody efficiently.

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