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PFA Lawyer Philadelphia

Protection From Abuse (PFA) - An Insight into the Law for Domestic Violence

A PFA order issued by the court gives provides protective "relief" to the victim for a period of three years. An individual can give application for a PFA order to the court either for himself/herself or on behalf of sufferer aging below eighteen years of age. It is recommended to hire a PFA Lawyer Philadelphia to handle the proceedings involved in the procedure.

Who Can Benefit From a PFA Order?

A victim of abuse against can obtain a PFA order against-

  • Ex-spouse/spouse
  • Domestic partner
  • Parent
  • Brother/sister or any persons related by marriage or blood
  • Children
  • Former or current dating partner

The PFA Act can cover a family member or an intimate partner of the victim but not a roommate or a stranger. You can get detailed knowledge about this law from a professional PFA Attorney Philadelphia.

  • What does a Domestic Violence Lawyer do?

A PFA Attorney Philadelphia, Pennsylvania can help the victim in a number of ways. The attorney can either file a PFA petition or go to the court with the victim. Also, the lawyer provides details about the PFA process of the county to the victim so that they can make an efficient safety plan.

The details that a victim provides to his/her PFA Lawyer Philadelphia are highly confidential. An advocate can’t repeat or open the details anyway. However, there is a provision that the advocate can report in case the victim reveals of a child’s danger/abuse. Confidentiality between an advocate and a victim means that the latter can freely speak about his/her circumstances for their safety.

You may not be able to deal with the legalities of PFA all by yourself. It is best to hire a PFA Attorney Philadelphia by filling 'Contact us today' form at one of the reputed professional’s website.