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Unemployment Compensation Lawyer Philadelphia

Unemployment Compensation - Reasons for Claims Denial

If you are being denied of your right to unemployment compensation, you file a suit against the company with the help of an Unemployment Compensation Lawyer Philadelphia. This article highlights some popular reasons for denial of unemployment benefits claims. In addition, you may also gain access to some basic information about the appealing process.

  • You Quit Your Job Voluntarily

If you have quit your last job willingly for a reason that is defined ‘good’ by the state law you are eligible for your unemployment compensation. Merely quitting your job doesn’t qualifies you for denials of unemployment compensation. For detailed information, consult a Unemployment Compensation Attorney Philadelphia.

  • Fired for Misconduct from The Last Job

If you are fired, you aren’t necessarily ineligible for unemployment benefits. Your claim can be denied in case your employer proves that you were fired for misconduct (as defined by the state). You may seek help of an Unemployment Compensation Lawyer Philadelphia in either case.

  • Lack of Sufficient Work/Earnings During The Base Period

Work requirements for accessing the benefit of Unemployment Compensation varies from one state to the other. You have no right to the benefit in case you fail to meet those requirements. But if your employer reports false earnings you can file suit with the help of an Unemployment Compensation Attorney Philadelphia. In order to ensure your win hire the best attorney like Robert Bond

The Bottom Line

If you fail to meet the requirements as the given rules and standards you may be denied of your unemployment claim even if it is initially granted. For example, if you don't provide the report of your earnings that you received along with unemployment benefits. Hence, it is recommended to hire an expert Unemployment Compensation Attorney Philadelphia to ensure your benefit

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